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These 2 months were a little bit hectic months for me. I really felt like i should go to optometric for eyes checkup.Again? Actually, i wore eye glasses but it doesn’t work for me. Almost every day i have to use laptop in order to finish my task. Well, i prefer using PCs actually, more convinience to me. Searching for manual data at school and complete it at home. 12 period? i’m still teaching with 26 periods and as a class teacher. Not good for my health and also my emotion hahaha. Hopefully, they will release the new timetable as they had promise this tuesday.

Sometimes, i assume my brain as a cpu, processor perhaps. I need to be scan and defrag poor brain. Ye lorr terlalu digunakan secara maksima.. machine pun boleh jam, inikan manusia. I need to rest for couple without any works, call from school or any admin, doing things without using PCs or laptop. Unfortunetly, I must use PC or laptop to complete my works.. walla.. tunggu cuti sekolah je la jawabnya..


Ungu Karmila favourite thriller writer comes back with his unique novel..UNGU KARMILA. I fall love with his writing since I was studying at university 9 years ago! with his extra ordinary story – MANDOTORI. One of his novel, ADAM (Aku Darah Anak Malaysia) attracted me and i finished reading it for only one day.I can’t stop reading it man. I felt like watching a movie and start to imagine the character and the player in that story. Same goes to BAGAIKAN PUTERI and CINTA SANG RATU..i really likes it. So, why dont you try to feel the adventure with Ramlee Awang Murshid ‘s story?

You can dig into this url for the UNGU KARMILA sinopsys

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Sekarang bulan Februari, dan segala perancangan selama 3 tahun nih untuk menghidupkan suasana makmal komputer semakin berkubur..tak de la berkubur cuma lambat dan tidak pasti bila boleh direalisasikan. Since I am the only one who thaught and use the lab more than other teachers, so it seems that i am the one who responsible for it. Thanks to Computer Club member, i will use you to fullfill my dream.

There are 20 computers for students to use and only 1 for teacher and act as admin. Server? that LINUX server?? tak boleh pakai la. Infact, I’m going to format it and install Windows 2000 Server which is more user friendly and easy to use. Since we have ICTL class that are onn everyday not including Friday plus the ICT form 4 n form 5 class, so this year is going to be pack and the pcs going to be complain soon (if they can talk). 12 form 1 class + 1 form 4 class+ 1 form 5 class that would be 14 class with total about 3++ students. Just imagine 3++ students using the same 20 computers..ayoo, kena set up another computer lab gini.

Computer Lab