never ending story


These 2 months were a little bit hectic months for me. I really felt like i should go to optometric for eyes checkup.Again? Actually, i wore eye glasses but it doesn’t work for me. Almost every day i have to use laptop in order to finish my task. Well, i prefer using PCs actually, more convinience to me. Searching for manual data at school and complete it at home. 12 period? i’m still teaching with 26 periods and as a class teacher. Not good for my health and also my emotion hahaha. Hopefully, they will release the new timetable as they had promise this tuesday.

Sometimes, i assume my brain as a cpu, processor perhaps. I need to be scan and defrag poor brain. Ye lorr terlalu digunakan secara maksima.. machine pun boleh jam, inikan manusia. I need to rest for couple without any works, call from school or any admin, doing things without using PCs or laptop. Unfortunetly, I must use PC or laptop to complete my works.. walla.. tunggu cuti sekolah je la jawabnya..


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