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:: Data Penilaian Pelaksanaan PPSMI 2008-2010 ::

News for guru data.. a new data programme as mentioned above will be implement at your school this month. What you have to do?

1.    Make copies of Borang Soal Selidik Guru for your school ppsmi teacher. If there are 40 teachers,
       so, they will be 4+ copies instead.
2.    Seek and explain the need to your Penyelaras PPSMI. She/he will brief to other PPSMI teachers
       about the  need of this data.
3.    After all the teacher complete answering the questions (kejujuran amat diperlukan), guru data
will key in all the data from the questionnaire in an excel worksheet. It will then summarize the
finding of the data.
4.    Dont forget to remind your principle about the data. He must fill in the questionnaire too.
5.    All document can be retrieve from KPM website at You can ask your Ketua Unit
      Sains dan Matematik at PPD nearby.

You must submit softcopy to PPD before end of April. The data will be implement twice a year (april and october) beginning this year until 2010.