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Taman Negara in Action..

20 till 23rd of May 2008 probably the day for a course that I really enjoyed. This Kursus Pemantapan Guru Data for Sepang district took placed at Rainforest Resort, Taman Negara Jerantut Pahang. We spent a day observered the nature and doing some recreational activities- walking along the Canopy Walk, boating to Perkampungan Orang Asli, eating lunch with ikan paten masak tempoyak dishes, sight- seeing along Gunung Tahan river and ‘visiting’ Kelah Sanctuary at Lubuk Tenor.

Why I said this course was the best among all the courses, meeting, seminar , bengkel and others that I have attend before? Because I really enjoyed the physical activities especially the Canopy Walk and boating. Besides, I almost forget about the school things, the data things and others when I was there. No wonder I really eager to go when I found out that the course will be held there. Actually, Taman Negara Pahang is one of the spot that I would like to go since I was a child.

Nevertheless, we went there not for enjoying ourselves, but to settle some of data responsible – PTK August registration and correcting the error and mistakes for EMIS input data. Luckly, we were given until end of June to correct all the input error by using Semak Ralat Perdana. That is good, I have to settle and make sure ICT student’s assesment complete too during that time. Wow,.. I really loves this kind of job management. Hoping that I wont be attacked with migrain like few months ago!!

Rainforest Resort

Rainforest Resort, Taman Negara

With PPD Sepang at Canopy Walk entrance

Orang Asli's hut
Orang Asli’s Hut

Guru Data Sepang
A pose before going home