never ending story


T : all the TIME you spent with us;
E : all the ENERGY you put into your job;
A : all the ACADEMIC excellence that your expect from us;
C : your CHEERFUL attitude;
H : giving a HELPING hand;
E : all the ENCOURAGEMENT you give;
R : the RESPONSIBILITY + RESPECT you taught us.

Taken from my ‘Pengurusan Sekolah 2009’ job list.

Am I the TEACHER after these 6 years ?

Form 5 ICT student after finish ICT paper

Form 5 ICT student after finish ICT paper


Comments on: "A TRIBUTE TO TEACHER" (4)

  1. khirulapiz said:

    Ahah nampak mukka semOOa mcm boleh skor A jetuh kecuali mamat yang belah kannan sekalik baju tak tuck in dengan kasut tak kapoor tuh..

    hahahah jgn mrah ye brudder..

  2. dei, anak cikgu tuh. don’t judge the books by its cover. they had done the best as they can. Tunggu result je la.baju biru duduk tu head prefect. pemuda harapan bangsa..jangan main-main..

  3. khirulapiz said:

    Oke murid-murid..layanz jgn tak layan cikgu nkorang ni dah terpakse kan…matikan air jelaah, lepas ni dah tak payah pegi sekolah lagik jumpak cikgu2 ni buat sakit kapla sajaaa…

    Freedom is the oxygen of the soul!

    Eh aku pulak yang lelebih, aku ka yang sekolah ka engkorang yang sekolah?

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